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Aquarium Setups

Wharf Aquatics' 1500 Gallon Display Tank

Red-tailed catfish in Wharf Aquatics' 1500 gallon display tank

It is truly awesome to watch an adult Red-tailed catfish swim around a tank of this size!

Wharf Aquatics' 1500 gallon display tank

This picture is a little dark, but gives you some idea of the scale of this tank in relation to an adult Red-tailed catfish!

This tank measures 8x6x5 feet and holds over 1500 gallons (around 1800 US gallons)! The front glass is 35mm (1.5") thick.
The other inhabitants at present are: three Pseudodoras niger, two Pteradoras granulosis, three Alligator gars and a Silver arowana.

Visit the Wharf Aquatics website for more info on the UK's best overall aquatic retailer (Practical Fishkeeping magazine)

Added January 2001, updated March 2004



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