Dwarf cichlid mix?

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Dwarf cichlid mix?

Postby gibboinfuerte » Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:27 pm

I have a 450l tank and would love to add a pair of apistogramma cacatuoides. My stock is as follows-
2 breeding pairs of blue rams (I currently have about 50 2-week-old fry growing out in a separate tank).
1 male krib
1 angelfish
5 panda corys
3 ancistrus
The ph is 6.4 and the water parameters are otherwise perfectly set up for my beloved rams. My only concern would be how the krib and the new cockatoos would get along as I know they will naturally occupy the same space. The tank as it is is very peaceful with very little squabbling between the rams at breeding time. The krib was aggressive when I had another male krib in there (I thought I had a pair) but is very easy-going now that I have removed the other male.
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