Different Ram Cichlid Strains Question!?

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Different Ram Cichlid Strains Question!?

Postby Superdan114 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:14 pm

Hi Guys

Just a quick question about rams. I currently have a solitary Bolivian ram (not sure of the sex). Just wondering if rams from different strains get on together and will breed? I was thinking of adding a few blue and a few gold rams too. This is in a 180 litre which i will eventually hoping to have a few discus too. Are these fish compatible??

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Re: Different Ram Cichlid Strains Question!?

Postby J.abbott » Sun May 20, 2012 10:41 pm

In my experience ( both in a shop and at home) different rams have got on fine, I have never had a pair crossbreed when there was a same breed oprion for them.
Personally i would just get more bolivians as they are my favourite. But If you want to mix and match I say go for it. Then again others here might think im wrong and they may be right but this is just what I have found. When I had my old rams I also had a pair f rainbow cichlids, very pretty and a bit larger so maybe a nice thought for a tank of that size and a couple of Kribs, So maybe look at those too.
i know you wernt looking for ther advice but i cant help but share these are some of my favurite fish ive had, the only other species i really prefer is african butterflys my favourite fish of all time.
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