Quarter circle tank - cichlids a good idea?

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Quarter circle tank - cichlids a good idea?

Postby Laceytank » Wed May 23, 2012 7:58 pm

Hello! Thanks for reading!
I am looking to buy a quarter circle tank and the dimensions are 35 inches radius and 25 inches tall.
I've read that cichlids like long wide tanks... So is this tank a bad idea if I want cichlids?

Also, I'm new to cichlids... My fiancé LOVED bottom feeders and suckers. Can I have them with African cichlids?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Quarter circle tank - cichlids a good idea?

Postby markee » Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:23 pm

When you say 'quarter circle' do you mean bow fronted like this? or do you mean the corner tank type like this?

With Africans it's all about floorspace, they will claim territories in the rocks & dig pits in the substrate, if they don't have the floorspace then they will fight to the death as the weaker fish will have no space to escape. With a longer tank there is more room for this as the territories are spread out along the tank, with a corner tank the territories would be pretty much in the centre, with no scope to expand outwards. If you went for the corner tank it could still possibly work but you'd have to pick some of the smaller less aggressive species & even then you might find that they spend more time in the rocks than out of them if they feel threatened.

I keep Bristlenose plecs & Syno's with mine & i've never had any problems with them.
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Re: Quarter circle tank - cichlids a good idea?

Postby ziggy » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:04 pm

I kept a 5ft tank,and it was a slaughterhouse.Bullying like Ive never seen.Lost 10 fish.
I kept a 3ft bow front,with no problems.
I kept a 350 trigon,with no problems
Now I have a 4ft,minimal rocks,and a 3d backround.Its working well,as the bullied, disappear behind the background,where its safe :D
Bigger isnt always better.Its the stock inside the tank.Males are usually the problem
I keep lake malawi cichlids
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