Aggressive Geophagus

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Aggressive Geophagus

Postby teamjd » Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:25 pm

Bought 3 Geophagus Neambi from wharf aqautics about 2 months ago and up until about a week ago they were fine. I have 2 females and a male. Over the last couple of weeks the male has become increasingly aggressive towards the females to the point that they cannot come out of hiding with out beeing chased and aggressivly snapped at. The females are obviously getting distressed and im not sure what to do about it. The Geophagus are living with corys and tetras and never bother them and the females never fight between them selfs its just the male. I dont want to get rid of him if theres any other way. Any ideas?
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Re: Aggressive Geophagus

Postby Carylnz » Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:19 pm

What sized aquarium do you have them in? 180 x 60 would be minimum for a group. Note they need a sandy substrate too. Gravel or small pebbles makes it harder for them to feed. It can damage their gills and even be ingested, leading to the possibility of internal damage or blockage.
5 - 8 should also be the minimum number for these fish and they have a dominance hierarchy. When you have smaller numbers weaker specimens can become the target of dominant individuals or the group may fail to settle and behave nervously. You have a male trying to dominate his group and, if the above conditions have not been met, he is showing his aggressive territorial behaviour. It just took him a while to settle and claim his territory.
Note these fish also prefer low lighting and pristine water conditions. It is suggested you over-filter the tank as well using a combination of external canister filters and/or a sump system and perform minimum weekly water changes of 50-70%, since if the maintenance regime is insufficient health issues such as head and lateral line erosion or stunted growth can occur.
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