Bumlebee cichlids

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Bumlebee cichlids

Postby Neil P Skelding » Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:42 pm

Will bublebee cichlid be ok with texas cichlids?
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Re: Bumlebee cichlids

Postby markee » Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:52 pm

I would advise against it for a number of reasons.

Although their bio-topes are similar the Bumblebee prefers the water to be slightly harder & the temperature slightly warmer.

The diet requirements are slightly different as well, the Texas will eat pretty much everything & likes meaty foods, the Bumblebee eats crustations/algae & will accept meaty foods but if given too much can cause Malawi Bloat.

The aggression level is much higher with a Texas, whilst the Bumblebee is no angel i don't think it would be able to defend itself against a mature Texas.

Size-wise the Texas grows big, an adult can reach 12 inches so you'd need a big tank, the recommended minimum for a single Texas is 75 gallons & a pair is up to 125 gallons. Most cichlids are territorial & a 12 inch will command a lot of territory, so if your tank is too small then the whole tank will be the Texas's territory & will defend it accordingly. Imagine a 12 inch fish fighting a 5 inch fish & you get the picture.

Personally i'm not a fan mixing cichlids from different continents but some people do & i'm sure it works for them, but i'm also sure it doesn't work for some as well.
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