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Red Parrot fish

Postby Neil P Skelding » Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:21 pm

im thinking of getting a couple of red parrot fish will the be ok with texas and yellow labs cichlids? Thanks
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Re: Red Parrot fish

Postby markee » Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:29 am

Ok here we go.

You asked:
"I'm thinking of getting 2 small Texas cichlids will they be ok with electric yellow labs cichlids? Thanks"

I advised against it with:
"I wouldn't personally keep the two together, other than the water parameters being different, the Texas could grow to around 12 inches so you'd need a fairly largish tank, you may also find that some of the Labs start disappearing. The Texas will eat most types of food (including fish!), whereas mbuna prefer a low protein vegetable diet, if it's too meaty it can cause Malawi bloat."

You then asked:
"Will bublebee cichlid be ok with texas cichlids?"
(which i'm guessing means you went & got the Texas anyway)

I again advised against it with:
"I would advise against it for a number of reasons.

Although their bio-topes are similar the Bumblebee prefers the water to be slightly harder & the temperature slightly warmer.

The diet requirements are slightly different as well, the Texas will eat pretty much everything & likes meaty foods, the Bumblebee eats crustations/algae & will accept meaty foods but if given too much can cause Malawi Bloat.

The aggression level is much higher with a Texas, whilst the Bumblebee is no angel i don't think it would be able to defend itself against a mature Texas.

Size-wise the Texas grows big, an adult can reach 12 inches so you'd need a big tank, the recommended minimum for a single Texas is 75 gallons & a pair is up to 125 gallons. Most cichlids are territorial & a 12 inch will command a lot of territory, so if your tank is too small then the whole tank will be the Texas's territory & will defend it accordingly. Imagine a 12 inch fish fighting a 5 inch fish & you get the picture.

Personally i'm not a fan mixing cichlids from different continents but some people do & i'm sure it works for them, but i'm also sure it doesn't work for some as well."

You've now asked:
"im thinking of getting a couple of red parrot fish will the be ok with texas and yellow labs cichlids? Thanks"

I'm sure you'll do whatever you want about the Parrot so i'm not even going to offer any advice on a disgusting man made hybrid!

Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't your tank 150 litres? if so then it's too small for Texan's, let alone adding two more biggish growing cichlids! When buying any fish you have to take into account the potential adult size, not the small size they are when you buy them.

Sorry if the reply seems a bit blunt, or what you want to hear, but i'm passionate about cichlids :wink:
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