honey kribs... but at a cost of a life and little lifes

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honey kribs... but at a cost of a life and little lifes

Postby dsedean » Fri Aug 03, 2007 3:27 pm

mother of all f**k up's has just happend
my kribs of 2 years of marrige ^^ have just split up.
and possible fatal ive just gone upstairs to see my male half dead....
all that boasting of my most dominant male of all speices i have:(
i came up to see how they doing and female and male bred again!!!!
ill take a pic of eggs if any1 is intresting but came at a cost she killed 70 of her fry in less then an hr they are only two weeks old..
i do not know what had triggerd them to spawn so close to the other lot normally they take about month or two b4 next lot.
now unfortunalty the male has just been ran into my big tank....
things dont look to good hes hovering at the top with lips out i have to keep pushing him.
and thats not it
i was given brute!!!
hes a very very very large krib hes about 12cm long and hes a fat mofo and very aggresive unfortunatly tank is 2ft+ deep and trying to catch him is like trying to beat a athleate at his sport.
and hes not taken kindly to fidish comming back in.
i dint name him my boy did hes only 1 and calls him fidish and rest sddddichhh
anyway if any1 wants pics of eggs ill be gladly able ill even take pic of fem and if male is ok ill get pic of him (i meen not dead)
this is not my week
fishy!!!! fishy!!!!!!!! F!!! I!!!!! S!!!!!! H!!!!!!!!! Y!!!!!!
oh n racing cars ^^
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