Breeding Panda Corys

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Breeding Panda Corys

Postby New Keeper » Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:35 pm

Hi All

Well here's my story, haven't been on here for quite some time but now need a little bit of advice. I originally had a 60 litre tank which I set up about a year ago now, maybe a little more. Among other fish I had 3 panda corys in here. I then decided that I wanted a larger tank and bought and set up a 180 litre tank, about Sept/Oct last year, I set it up with sand as I knew that the corys would like that and tried to plant with a number of plants which I have had varying succuess with. Anyway I transferred all the fish from the 60 litre tank, bought a few more tetras and went one sunday to buy 3 more corys as I thought a group of 6 would be better, well when I got to my lfs there was one in the tank in it's own so I bought this one and added it to my tank. This was about 4 months ago now and since then they seem to be breeding quite a lot. I originally found 2 in the tank which I was really excited and pleased about, when I cleaned out the filter I found another one in there, so 3 in total. This was approx. 10 weeks ago and now I have just discovered at least 4 more in the tank. i am now quite worried that they are going to out breed my capacity, HELP what do I do? i have been in touch with my lfs and they have said that they'll take them from time to time but they need to be an inch long. I don't know wether I might just be better taking what I think is the breeding female to the lfs. I really didn't expect this to happen, I thought you'd need to be more experienced to get your fish to breed. Any advice welcomed, Thanks.
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Postby alihar » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:17 am

Do they seem to spawn after a water change? if when you do a water change the water is slightly cooler it encourages spawning. I had cory fry popping up from everywhere last year so now I make any replacement water a degree or two warmer than the tank water to discourage spawning and so far it's done the trick.
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