Stuck in a hole

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Stuck in a hole

Postby Gary fergusson » Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:51 pm

Got up this morning to find the Tiger Barbs taking it in turns what seemed to be pecking at the rock, on closer inspection they were nipping at a poor corry that had managed to get wedged in one of the many tunnels in the rock with just it's head poking out. Thinking it was dead I started to remove the rock only to find it was still alive. There was no way it was going to move forward and I tried to force it back but he was proper wedged in and was only causing it more damage and distress. Stood there holding the rock half at the water for 10 mins trying decide what to do, other than getting a hammer and chisel to it I decided there was nothing that I could do and just removed the rock to let it die :(
Obviously I have not returned the rock, and lesson is learned.
Gary fergusson
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