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Postby ramosfamily » Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:47 am


I bought a rope about a week ago that was in a tank with large oranda gold fish. I found this fish to be very interesting and since it was in a tank with gold fish, I bought it because that is what I have at home. I also bought an Oranda that was in the tank with him so he would have someone fimilar. The lady told me she feed him guppys everyday; so I bought 10 feeder guppy's for him. In two days 8 were gone. 2 remained for almost a week. I started to worry that he was not eating. Then I noticed my oranda's left fin was tore up like it was nipped at. The store told me it could have been the rope. This makes no sense to me because there were still 2 tiny feeder guppy's. Well, the oranda's fin began to get infected so I quarentined her. I later read that ropes like to be in groups and tend to eat better that way. I went back to purchase another and they had just got a shipment in. I had two choices, a larger rope that flipped and flopped everywhere or the smaller rope that seemed calmer. The store also reccomended me to stop giving guppy's and make them ajust to shrimp pellets. I added the new rope and he didn''t really swim around like my first did in his introduction but, I gave him the benefit of trying to figure the new home. By the morning I saw that he found the cave he chose and one of the two guppy's were gone. Don't know which one ate it but was glad to see one eat regaurdless but still concerned of eating habit because 1) I don't know if they are really eating the pellets and 2) It has been 4 days since the second rope was added and all four days he stayed in his cave; even at night-I check several times. Today he came out but swims weird. He will position his body vertically with head down and spin in circles while staying straight and verticle. By the evening he is now floating at the top of the tank with his body in a circle and floating in a circle. This behavior is very different from the other and he occasionally swims from one side of the tank to the other while my first rope continues to hang out at the bottom as usual and sits at top time time.there is still one guppy there and I don't know if they are eating at all and don't know if they are really eating the shrimp pellets plus my gold fish try to eat the pellets even when I shut the light off at night. Is the second rope sick or is that just his personality and how long do they go without eating? My tank is a 65 gallon breder with two power filters that each filters up to 70 gallons. Nitrates and nitrites are good and yes even with my gold fish the ammonia is maintained with chips and remover and test shows safe and the ph is 7.0. I have inspected everyones body and fins, everyone looks good except the oranda which is quarantined and being treated and yesterday one of my black moores had the same fin problem so he is with the oranda now getting treated before his infection could even get started. I read the ropes like to bundle together and they don't even go near each other. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions and advice. If it helps, each rope is about 5 inches, the oranda is about 4, 2 black moores are 3in, and one fancytail is 2 and 1/2, the other fance is 1 and 1/2, and 3 commets are 2in. You are probly thinking this is too many fish but these fish look tiny compared the this tank and the 65 breader is just a temp home and looking to get a tank over 100 gallons maybe 200 to accomodate the ropes adult size and the 3 commets were for my uncles tank but when I brought them I did not add them to his tank because his current one fish had slim and sickness all over it so I placed them in mine till his gets better. Oh yea, I had a snail but he disappeared today, can't even find the shell.
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Hi Jessica, welcome to TTT.

Whereabouts in the world are you? Some countries advocate the use of feeder fish and others dont.
My ropefish feed on chopped seafood, sinking pellets, bloodworm. Apparently you can feed them chopped earthworms, but we have never offered those. Watching my ropefish i doubt mine would ever actively hunt out fish. In fact they have been kept in a tank with breeding severums, and as far as we aware they have never tried to eat the fry, and the parents have never chased them away.

They are both very different, he likes to swim all over the tank, she likes to hide in a large piece of hollow bogwood and generally only comes out at meal times, unless she comes out at night whilst we are sleeping. They dont spend a lot of time together either, they both have their own hidey holes, and very rarely are spotted together.

What temperature is your tank set to? Ropefish prefer the water to be around 22-28c, if the water is colder than this it may explain some of the more erratic swimming motions of your second ropefish.

I dont understand what you mean by ammonia is maintained with chips and remover. Do you have recent test reuslts for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?
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