My first Betta.

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My first Betta.

Postby Thals » Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:15 pm


I've been doing a bit of betta research for the last 3 weeks or so but I am a bit unsure about the technical aspect of the tank.
I have contacted an aquatic centre in my area and they've given me a quote of £35 for a 32 litre tank (a bit over 7 US gallons). Does this sound reasonable? I've been trying to find secondhand ones but I haven't been very lucky.

This is my first fish so I need some help :) . In your opinion:

- Would you have any other fish other than a male betta? What's the safest non nipping peaceful "bet"?
- What lighting, heater and filter would you recommend? The best value you can think of, please. If you know any good online shops to purchase them, I'm open to suggestions.
- Being a beginner, do you recommmend natural plants?

And last but not least... where would you buy your betta? Pet shop? Aquatic centre? Online?

Sorry for being a pain asking all these basic questions, but I read so much I feel I know less than I knew when I started!

Thanks for your help!
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Re: My first Betta.

Postby Superdan114 » Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:27 pm

I would look for a 'tank kit' if you want to buy new, they are usually good value. They will come with all the equipment required to get you set up, and will probably be cheaper than buying everything separately.

I think a 32 litre is great for a betta on his own and you may want to start out with one just this by itself since you are a beginner. Have a look at the beginners section on the main website.

For plants, I would recommend broad leaved plants as bettas like to rest on them. Doesn't matter if they are real or fake but real plants do have their advantages as they consume nitrates. Bettas dont like a high flowrate so this is something to consider when you set your filter system up!

As for purchasing your fish, its all opinion really. For bettas though I would not buy from large chains as they keep them in really small tanks right next to each other. They get stressed out when they can constantly see each other and want to fight.

Hope i have covered the basics there for you! Keep up with the research. Sorry if i have missed anything, you will plenty of help here!
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