New Tank!!

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New Tank!!

Postby » Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:58 pm

So i have been offered a tank for free, no ide of size, and im going to pick it up tomorow, they described it as thier 'old big one' my guess is 2 foot long 60 liter.
But yeah when i get paid im getting a juwel rio 125
So ill have 5 tanks running by the end of next month, with 2 being dedicated to breeding Betta Splendens ( one divided up for 4 males and the female group, the other bieng for fry and a refuge for the female after breeding )

ANyway i have some photos on my photobucket album
These are my current tanks before todays changes ( ignore the big wood one that didnt go to plan and is now an oversized box)
anyway would love to know what you think, i know they are all small and amatuerish
So yeah enjoy
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