My guppies and camallanus

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My guppies and camallanus

Postby ruby0080 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:05 am

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd tell my story in case it helps anyone.

Basically a couple of weeks ago I noticed that my pregnant guppy had two little red things sticking out of her backside. It didn't look like poo and it retracted when she moved.
A quick search on the internet quickly showed that she had camallanus worms.
I'm not sure how she'd had caught it because I hadn't introduced any fish since well before Christmas, unless shrimps can carry them (go some shrimps about a month ago).

Anyway I did all the possible aqautic and pet shops around and nobody had internal parasite medicine. I got told to use various things that wouldn't have worked though.
Quite desperate at that point I decided to buy online hoping she would last long enough for the medicine to arrive.
From various sources it seemed my best bet was to get some Sera Nematol which I found on Ebay. It was promptly purchased on the Friday and thankfully arrived on the Saturday.
Unfortunately in the meantime I lost two young females and the rest of the guppies were showing worms. The pregnant female was in pretty bad shape with what looked like dozens of worms sticking out and her backside being "wide open".

I had to take the assassin snails and shrimps out because Nematol is not suitable for them.
After that I dosed the tank, turned the lights off and waited 48 hours.
It didn't look like much was happening to be honest. No worms falling out or sign of improvement. I thought that the medicine wasn't working.
On the morning of the 3rd day I did an 80% water change, turned the lights back on and treated the tank with internal bacteria medicine.
The day after that I did another 30% water change.

Now I'm happy to say that apart from one male dying from swimbladder problems which were probably complications from the worms, the other guppies are all looking good :D
The big female seems to have healed as have the other guppies. No sign of worms anymore. So big thumbs up for Sera Nematol.

I have to do a redose of it after 3 weeks and hopefully we should be fine.

A few things I found "Interesting" are that the Tetra Cardinal didn't seem affected by the worms at all.
And during treatment the pregnant female lost two fries (as far as I saw) that I saw pop out and die. It was quite sad. But on Saturday she gave birth to two more healthy fries so I was quite happy.
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