i changed my tank around

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i changed my tank around

Postby chase malase » Sat Jul 28, 2007 6:10 am

hi,i moved my 20gal tank around for a more "natural" look. :D .i find it looks away beter then without the roman ruines and other things
i took alot of things out i found that before it looked crowded,the things i took out wont go to waste ill be putting them in my angelfish tank(when i get the tank and angels lol)i didnt think it would make much of i difference with my javafern on bogwood. but i put it on the anyways and it looks way better!!!!.btw if leaves break of by the bottom of the stem of java ferns can you plant them to make another javafern???im sorry i can't get a pic my sisters cam has ran out of bateries.

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