Started the change

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Started the change

Postby jzaine » Sun Jul 29, 2007 12:53 pm

I took out 1/3 of the gravel and added sand in it's place. I have also finally got the frozen blood worm. I would like to thank Wolfgirl to telling me to get them along with Krekra. The widows love them and the white skirt was the first one to eat one and he went nuts and ate every one he saw after that. They really pigged out on them. I added the full cube but removed it when it broke up a little, the rest went into the 10 gallon where the guppy's ate it. I fed a few to the betta. I will try and have a video of the feeding in the next few days when they get another piece of cube. I was thinking about getting frozen brine shrimp instead but just picked that because I was in a rush.

And I can't forget about all the other people that have helped me in the past few weeks. Thank you.
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