Snail trail ???

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Snail trail ???

Postby Necrosis » Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:44 pm

I have just been carrying out a weekly water change and was busy trying to get a pic of one of my Zebra Danios when I noticed a fine trail above the water line....

thought initially it was a condensation trickle until I saw the next one.....

then realised water does not naturally travel uphill.... being fascinated by now I sat intently staring at this trail and noticed a teeny weeny body/object at the end of it ( the larger white blob at the end of the trail in pic 1) bearing in mind that these images are greatly enlarged (the trail is no wider than one that could have been made with a pin) could this be the tiny beginnings of a snail or am I looking at something more sinister? Either way, I was glued to the side of my tank for an eternity...well at least until the water level rose again.... :lol:

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