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Postby Rasborine Fan » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:35 am

That is beautiful, really beautiful. :)
Is it a biotope set-up? Sorry to fawn, but it looks gorgeous.
There's no way in the UK we I would ever be able to keep such impressive US natives, as DEFRA are exceedingly strict with regard to what aquatic livestock can be imported and kept. Basically, if it can 'go native' and establish in UK waterways, it can't come into the country. While i understand the reasoning behind this, it's still sad that dedicated responsible aquarists are penalised. So, no darters or red-belly dace even. :(
Oh, and don't be modest about your photography; it's way better than I could manage! :lol:
I like 'drab fish'; I just don't see them as drab!
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