To change water or not to change water!

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To change water or not to change water!

Postby bartown » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:29 pm

I'm very new to all this, my dd9 brought herself and aquarium and I didn't realise what was involved!!

We have a small 28l tank, with a three plants, four coral platys, and a couple of stowaway snails - I think they must have come with the plants lol.

Anywat yesterday my were nitrites 0.3-0.8 and nitrates were 30 at a guess, we are two weeks into the cycle and have four fish, the fish have been in for four days and are doing fine.

There is amonia, but at a safe level so I'm not worried about this, anyhow I thought I'd give the fish a break yesterday and did a 25% water change, and I expected the levels to drop this morning, they haven't if anything to test samples are darker, therefore slightly higher than yesterday.

The fish are very active, look healthy and extremely hungry.

Should I do another water change today to dilute it further, or should I just leave it be?

I have 3 plants in the water, so I'm hoping they will gobble up the nitrates, but its the nitrites I'm a bit worried about.

I have a spare hour so should I do it now or just leave it alone?
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Postby krekra » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:41 pm

I answered your first thread in beginers. I am moving this one there too so you dont think it just up and dissapeared. I also locked it so you just have one thread running at a time on the smae subject. :wink:


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