iOS App for setting up and taking care of Freshwater Fish an

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iOS App for setting up and taking care of Freshwater Fish an

Postby sterling70 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:19 pm

Hey everyone- long time lurker, first time posting. For about 6 months now I've been hard at work creating an iPhone/iPod/iPad app to help set up and manage freshwater aquariums. It’s called AquaPilot, and it’s designed for new and intermediate aquarium owners, but it’s helpful to pretty much any pet fish owner.

For new fish owners, it selects species for them based on the tank they have or are planning to get. Things such as tank size, shape, filter type and temperature are input by the user, and only species that would be appropriate are suggested. The app also can automatically schedule tank maintenance events in your iOS calendar (PWCs, filter media replacement) and for new owners it will generate a custom setup guide specifically for their tank.

For both new and intermediate aquarists, there is a cycling tool that allows you to input the readings from your water test strips or liquid test to find out how much cycling time is left, or if the tank is ready. There are also tools to help you diagnose sick fish and give you some treatment options… AquaPilot will even locate nearby pet fish and supply retailers! There is also a searchable index of most freshwater aquarium species, and a compatibility tool to see if a selected species is compatible with another desired species.

I’ve tried to make it as user friendly, helpful and inexpensive as I can so that more people can start enjoying the hobby without the frustration of failed tanks. I hope you all will check it out, and I’d love feedback! If you like it, I hope you’ll tell others who might benefit from such an app :)

If you’d like to get the app, just search AquaPilot on the app store, or you can go to


to learn more. If you download it and like, please consider giving it a good review on the app store :D

Thanks everyone, I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable, and thanks for the great forum- excellent advice!

Cycle. Start. Maintain. Check out AquaPilot for iPhone, iPod and iPad!
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