Lighting for Juwel Rio 180

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Lighting for Juwel Rio 180

Postby badgirlfreddie » Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:46 pm

I got a Rio 180, I had lots of problems with water ect but now it seems settled and fish are happy, the only niggly thing I've got is the lighting. I have a fairly dark backing on the tank and all black gravel, when I bought the tank it has 1 x daylight bulb (30W) and 1 x Warmglow tube (30w) , the water always seem to have a yellow tinge, the local petshop suggested I changed them both to daylight bulbs it would loose that, this I did and also fitted reflectors as suggested. I have lost the yellow tinge but when you look into the tank it's like looking into thick fog, as though the lights are too bright, I cannot use one bulb only as it will not work.

My mum has a 60l tank with a lightwhite pebble background, and blue gravel and her tank looks crystal clear all the time (she only has 1 15w bulb fitted in the lid)

Would it be the background or gravel doing this ? I considered changing to white gravel but other sites indicate the light would reflect even more. When the fish are at the front of the tank they are crystal clear, it's when you look at the tank as a whole it looks foggy (there are 3 live plants in there)
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