Confused Platy

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Confused Platy

Postby Tammie2003 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:24 am

I bought 2 fish a couple of months ago from a pet shop, who sold them to me as a Golden Platy Pair. They've been great fish with no problems with them at first, except, the male follows the female around and constantly seems to be harassing her. A few days ago I introduced two swordtail females into the tank and he has now taken an interest in them too. I have researched that the live-bearing species can interbreed.
My question is, my male "Golden Platy" seems to be developing a 'hook' on the bottom of his tail. not quite a full sword, but i'm confused, as every picture i've looked at a male platy does not have this. it's only seemed to develop over the past couple of weeks, and certainly before introducing the swordy girls. Is he a platy, or is he a swordtail and developing the sword. He shares his tank with 2 ablino corydora, a peppered corydora, 4 long-finned leopard danios, 6 penguin tetras, two swordy females and the other female "golden platy." I'm confused as to what he is, but he seems happy anyhow.
Can anyone help??? Has anyone seen this before?
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Re: Confused Platy

Postby Carylnz » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:59 am

Swordtails are a type of platy. Depending on their breeding, they may, or may not, develop the swords. Some, usually sub dominant males, will only grow very short swords and others will grow much longer swords. Lineage can have an effect here too.
Livebearers need to be 1 male to 2 or more females, which you now have. This is so the aggression from the male is spread over several females so they all get a break from his constant hassling. He can certainly breed with the other platys.
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