Beginner help!

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Beginner help!

Postby BenjaminR » Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:54 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have been given a tank which has been previously used as a saltwater aquarium. I don't want to go down that line as i dont feel i have enough experience for that but can i convert this to a tropical tank?

I only really have experience keeping goldfish so im quite a newbie really.

The thing is with this tank im worried everything will be riddled with salt and im worried i wont be able to completely get rid of this? is this possible and also there is rock in there too. Can i also use this?

Also the tank is the Biorb 105l and even though the instructions say you can keep all kinds of fish i have found their advice to be a little wrong in my own experience so i would really appreciate your help on how many fish i could keep etc.

Kind regards

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Re: Beginner help!

Postby ady » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:30 pm

hi and welcome.....

is the rock fixed in the tank or can it be removed.?? all depends on the type of rock to be honest.most are fine but some types can cause mayhem with ya water.

i think (hopefully others can clarify)...if you pour drops of vinegar onto the rock and it fizzes,then it cannot be used,as it will break down in the water...

as for using the tank to hold freshwater fish....i reckon you should be fine after giving it a thorough rinse out....again hopefully others can advise if i'm wrong....

did the tank come with a filter? not sure of that tank,never seen it thats all... :innocent:

my advice to you is have a really good read of the posts on the forum and the main you a newbie it will help you loads.we all were newbies once :)

you have decent sized tank,so you have that added advantage.bigger volumes are easier to keep stable and any water quality issues will take longer to arise...regular water changes,using a de-chlorinator will keep water quality up.

although another important thing is the filter....yes it catches loose particles,but it not the most important function.they provide a home for benefical bacteria to thrive in.these bacteria are the real filter.breaking down ammonia,which fish produce....once you have an established (mature) filter you in a good situation....although that doesnt mean you can throw loads of fish into the tank quickly....

stock your tank slowly,allow the bacteria to build up,then you can add more...without over stocking of course..
when you clean the filter ( only when flow drops )..clean it only in TANK water,tap water will kill the bacteria you worked so hard to maintain...never over clean the media or remove it all at once....the bacteria stock must be preserved...if not,the ammonia will build and then bye bye fishes :(

the bacteria does remove other chemicals,but the big 2 are ammonia and nitrite....both can kill fish...i wont go into too much detail and confuse ya.

basically fish keeping is a wicked hobby....i love it..........if you need help or advice,ask away on here...i'm sure someone can help or point you in right direction.....better to ask silly question,than make silly mistake.....

good luck in ya new hobby :)
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