Plans for the future...

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Plans for the future...

Postby SRThomas » Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:43 pm

Hi all, a relatively newbie here, but I've been reading this forum for a while now, and I thought I'd share some plans for the future for Skeletor, The Moomins, Rude Dog and the Dweebs and all my other imprisoned wet pets (whoever first links species with their names wins the internet!).

Current situation:

48l fishbox from P@H; Interpet PF1 (I also have the (tiny) filter from a 19l quarantine tank from P@H running as well to maintain maturity); 25C; 1 Dalmatian Molly; 2 Platy; 1 Guppy (M); 1 Glass Catfish; 4 Neon Tetras; 1 real and 1 fake plant; gravel substrate (the small stuff from P@H).

60l (possibly fluval) I got free from a friend); Fluval 3plus (closest guess - filter media seems to fit perfectly); 2 Opaline Gouramie; 1 Upside Down Catfish; various plants, gravel (bigish - possibly 'pea gravel').

The 48l has been running since about the end of March 2012; the 60l from mid June 2012. Both are cycled (as far as I can tell) with appropriate test readings (I'm currently testing as I type so I can provide more detail if needed); water is very hard (over 16 degree's GH and KH, though that was with stip-tests - on which note is there a decent testing kit for hardness?) and alkaline (at least 7.6; I'm going to get a higher range kit when i see one next).


I want to get a bigger tank (no surprise there). Both tanks are next to each other in the front room: there's enough space for a Fluval Roma 240 (as far as I can remember) - I particularly like this tank also (not least because it comes with the built in external filter and what not, but also a friend has had one for about 2 years now and she really rates it). I would probably put the gourami, the upside down cat, the glass cat, the molly and platies and the guppy in it, and would stock up with a few more gourami (which are really great fish) and glass cats, and others (nowhere near decided yet!). I would particularly like some angelfish, but am willing to sacrifice them for the option of keeping a nice shoal of tetras.

When I get such a tank, I may well put some effort into planting/aquascaping as well (the difficulties in moving/changing the tank when filled make this a bit of a no-brainer, and an upcoming trip to Japan is no doubt going to give me some inspiration from the real world). I plan then to use the 48l for a male betta and probably some tetras (I would like to do it zen-style (sand, nice rocks), though I believe the betta would prefer flowing plants so i may have to compromise there). The 60l would either just go into storage or be a quarantine tank (as I note, it was free so no real sunk costs there); I also have a current quarantine tank (19l) but that could just as easily be stored.

Any thoughts/ideas/advice? This is a long term plan (looking at around Xmas time), not least for money reasons but also because I fear I would need to do some redecorating prior to moving the tank into place (I *hate* DIY). The only real reason for greater speed in the move is, rather obviously, giving the gouramies a bigger and better home. That, and of course, multiple tank syndrome...

P.S. I may get time later to put up some images of the current tanks, and also of the Vienna Aquarium (just been, great place, amongst other things had a number of massive red-tail catfish, an a great tank of pirana and neons).
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