first tank since childhood

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first tank since childhood

Postby laticsfan1985 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:00 pm

Hi, just bought a tank from the inlaws as they were getting rid and my son loves it!!
looking for some advice about what to do with it, ive been given everything, the lights, filter (fluval 2plus) and heater, gravel etc which was in it before and has only had a quick rinse off, i understand about the enviroment (basics) what should the steps be for me now, pics below and also considering some red or blue gravel to go over the stuff already in it, would that work??


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Re: first tank since childhood

Postby Carylnz » Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:45 am

I would hate to see more coloured gravel added. They are not seen in the wild and I prefer a more natural looking aquascape. Also, when looking at a tank, the first thing that catches the eye should be the fish or plants, not the brightly coloured gravel. Fish will show their colours a lot more if they have a dark substrate but I understand children really love brightly coloured gravel.
Are you planning to add live plants? If so, you will need a lot more gravel than it currently has in the pic.
Since you mention a heater, I assume you are going tropical?
What sort of fish do you like? Are you thinking lots of small colourful fish, a few larger fish, or mostly one colour scheme?
Do you plan to do a fishless or fish-in cycle?
If the tank has been empty for more than a day or so I would thoroughly wash the gravel as any beneficial bacteria that was in it will have died and needs to be removed. Same with the filter, if it has been without food and water it will need a clean.
It is a lovely looking tank and I am sure you will get great enjoyment setting it up and selecting the fish.
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Re: first tank since childhood

Postby laticsfan1985 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:55 pm

im going to put about 10kg of gravel in it so its about 1 or 2 inches think from the bottom, im not too keen on coloured gravel but my little lad is crazy about it :rofl: going for a fishless cycle, have rewashed the gravel and the filter so its like new and yes, its going tropical but as for fish im not sure yet, my lad has big ideas about some silver sharks... his chances of getting that are very very small!
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Re: first tank since childhood

Postby ady » Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:40 pm

welcome to TTT...

nice tank.

i have to agree with the natural substrate....

have a good read of all the pages on here you will help you loads.especially the begineers section...will loads of stuff on there.thats if you havnt already of course :wink: .i did and still do learn from this forum.

decisions descisions time :lol: ....choice over- load time.with all the temptations... :rofl:

my best advice is to read up loads,and understand the filter cycle. dont rush to fill your tank.get buckets for water changes,keep them separate and only for dont want cleaning chemicals in ya new pride and joy. :)

invest in a liquid test kit,especially if going the fish in will give you an accurate idea of water quality.
when i researched my fish for the first time i used ..each type of fish has info on temp,temperament etc...

others use another site, but i cant remember it's name..... :innocent:

consider is there a definate type of fish i wanna keep?....and build round that.....or have a look at the miryad of schoaling fishes available...if you have any questions,ask away on here....we dont bite and someone can help ya.

good luck :)
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Re: first tank since childhood

Postby laticsfan1985 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:14 pm

thanks for all the help and advice, been reading up like mad in my spare time and this place is a godsend!
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