Siamese Fighters

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Siamese Fighters

Postby ScubaSteve » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:41 pm

Hi guys

Been at this tropical fish malarky for almost a year now, inherited a populated tank when I bought my house. Anyway after some trial and error I recently bought a Red Siamese Fighter (male) but when I got it home I notice that there was this other fish in the bag along with the fighter (a freebie) begin with it was just a small horrible brownish thing but lately has developed some markings & fuller fins which were a beautiful purple-ish blue colour in the last day or two it has become more pale in colour with horizontal stripe markings, the fins have lost their purple-ish blue and have become more translucent, dorsal fin having small black dots . Having trawled the net for pics of similar fish I think it may be a female fighter but my question is do males when young look like the females until their fins become full or are there distinct ways to tell the diff, I have also notice the male is paying a lot more attention to it and chasing it from time to time, I know it is not advised to keep 2 males together so looking to find out before they start fighting

also I had 2 mickey mouse platy's (one died, both male) and have 2 red platy's (both female) which have successfully bread in my tank (I guess this is a good sign) so I now have 3 more Red-Mickey's as I call them...Q. will cross breeding cause any problems, anything I should look out for?

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