29 Gallon Tank Setup

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29 Gallon Tank Setup

Postby Evo » Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:15 am

Hi everyone, first post here so here goes nothing (though hopefully it will turn into something lol)

I have received a 29 gallon (110 Liter) tank from a friend who is moving away and can not take it with him (lets just say that aquariums and little Honda Civics dont mix well I guess.)

The tank is fairly bare - It has sand on the bottom with a couple of rocks for decoration as well as half a pot used for the fish to hide in I guess (I sure would If I lived in that tank im sorry to say....)

As far as the rest of the set up goes it has a Fluval U3 filter that is rated for (90 - 150 litters.. or so it sais on the box that he gave to go with it hehe...) as well as a 100W heater in the corner and a GLO flourecent lamp that goes on top which is 24 inches long (if that helps?)

Im not completely new (ok so im still a noobie) to aquariums and I have read up on cycling to get a better understanding and from other materials on the website (this one) that I have read I have concluded that -

As far as fish go - it has 12 - 14 Neon tetras (hard to count them all...) and 3 Silver Fin tetras in it.

The aquarium is obviously pretty bare, besides what to me seems like fairly few fish, there are no plants or anything (im guessing bits of algae dont count lol.)

I would really like to make this into a better aquarium (partly cuz it looks ugly right now and partly because I feel sad for the fish,) but I dont want anything that will be overly expensive. I think my main mission is just to make it look better.. the fish seem to be ok (well they are swimming around and eating the food I gave them) so I guess I just want something along the lines of a nice planted aquarium for them to feel safer and at the same time have a nicer view for me (and I do mean real plants btw.) Again, I need something that will be easy to take care of and not overly expensive.

NOTE - from what I read it seems you need certain types of substrate as well as lighting for plants and to provide them with CO2? Though I am fairly confuse from reading everything in about a day so...

Thank you in advance and sorry for the lengthy post :oops:
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Re: 29 Gallon Tank Setup

Postby SparkyST » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:06 am

Welcome :D

If you want easy to care for plants you could look for Java fern and Anubius both of which you can get attached to bog wood which in my opinion adds to the feel of the aquarium.

Your local fish shop should be able to supply this and they are fairly cheap depending on size you go for.
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Re: 29 Gallon Tank Setup

Postby Evo » Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:45 am

Well just to add some information, I looked up the lights and it is a Hagen GLO 24" light system with 2 bulbs. Knowing this I guess I will need some plants that can take high amounts of lighting? It is fairly bright and lights up the tank like one big white neon tube :?

Here is a link to one on the net so you can better tell what im talking about - http://www.marineandreef.com/Hagen_Glo_T5_HO_Lighting_System_Double_Bulb_24_p/rhg13910.htm

Some more questions though... I will be replacing the sand anyways (seems its not that great plants) but not sure what I need for what plants etc. From some reading the basic drift seems to be to have a balance of light, and nutrients for the plants but this seems to be a fairly bright lamp so...?
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