Advice please on plans for new 80L tank

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Advice please on plans for new 80L tank

Postby DrRockter » Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:57 pm

I’ve got a new tank on the drawing board – I’d like to run my plans past people on the forum to see if it’s feasible.
I’ve got an existing 30L tank which has run quite well for a number of years – it’s dwindled to having just one fish left in it – I didn’t re-stock as we have been moving house for about 2 years! Finally moved now, so looking at getting the new tank running.
‘New’ tank was bought 2nd hand and is 80L – roughly 2ft width x, 1ft, 2ft high. With this tank I’d like a good range of fish with some schools of the same fish. I’d also really like some real plants. Budget is a major issue. The tank came with an under gravel filter and an old bulb type (incandescent?) light. I’m not too keen on the under-gravel filter, so I’d be planning to buy an internal filter, plus heater and better lighting.

I can afford to buy the following:
100 or 150W heater
Fluval U2 filter
Arcadia lighting controller 14/15W for 15-18” tube
15W 18” T8 tube
I’d also need a piece of bogwood, bigger gravel vac and some plants. I’ve got lots of gravel with the new tank and I’ve got a liquid test kit. I can use a filter squeeze from the 30L tank to get the new one started.

Question is – is this lighting adequate for live plants? I’d only want some basic, low light plants. Does the rest of the set up sound ok?

I’ve been looking at plants on Ebay. Not sure if you would get a good group of basic plants or whether the Ebay sellers will give you a mixture. Any advice on whether Ebay is good, or is the local shop better?

Many thanks in advance,
80L tank - tall tank 2ft wide, 2ft high. 4x neons 2x platy. Live plants. 1x T8 light. Gravel substrate. Fluval U2 filter.
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