My discus tank

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My discus tank

Postby NinaS » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:39 pm

I would really love to get a discus tank, I would plan on having 6 discus, and a tank size of about 260-300 litres. Is that large enough?

Also, I am wondering if fish shops around London would sell discus that have been kept in hard alkaline water, which is what our tap water is. I need to know whether or not a reverse osmosis system would be necessary.

Is sand as a substrate ok? I would have a planted tank.

I'm not too experienced, although I've done my research and have had: 5 buenos aires tetras, 5 danios, 2 gold gouramis, 2 bristlenoses, and serpae tetras before. So, I'm not a total beginner.

Any information would be helpful, especially from experienced discus owners! Thanks
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Re: My discus tank

Postby steve008 » Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:05 pm

just in the process of setting up discus fish in a 300 litre they like lots of plants, tankmates rummy nose cardinal it makes them feel safe corys bristle nose are also ok I am filling aquarium with plants , and adding a few small fish at a time, don't make the mistake of rushing and trying to get everything at once as attempting it is. Lots of opinion on temperature mine is set for 80 many say 82 even 86, my friend has kept them for 5 years now and keeps temperature at 78 and has never had any problems. Just shows how people have different opinions,
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Re: My discus tank

Postby Rockfish » Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:58 pm


A tank size of 260-300 litres is certainly large enough for about 6 discus. It's certainly true that there are plenty of different opinions around on the best way to keep them, but there are certain things most people agree on, such as keeping them on the warmer side of the usual tropical range. Around 28'C / 82'F is ideal.

Sand would be fine as a substrate, it's easier to keep clean and more natural looking. If you use sand in a planted tank you could either put a layer of plant nutrient substrate beneath or use root tablets placed beneath the main planted areas.

I would imagine some shops would keep them in their local tap water, especially as that's what many of their customers would be using; I would identify a local shop that has good quality discus and ask them what they use. I've come across just as many people coming unstuck messing around with RO water as any other issue when keeping discus. A local shop in the Notts area keeps both tank-bred and wild-caught discus in local tap water (not in the same tank) and they thrive. My brother lives in that area and he's just had breeding success with discus in hard alkaline water (pH about 7.6, GH about 11, KH about 5).

Remember there's lots of info at The Tropical Tank main site!
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