any of these not good additions to my community?

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any of these not good additions to my community?

Postby hannibal1987 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:12 pm

95 litre Community: 3 cory panda, 6 neons, 4 moscow blue guppy, 2 glowlight, 1 ancistrus, 1 emerald catfish.

been up and running for nearly six months now, had my nitrate and ammonia at consistently low levels for a couple of months now, having struggled for the first few. Almost finished stocking the tank now, just want a few more additions.

Looking to add 2 african dwarf frogs and maybe something to add to the top level, want something with colour and only lives as only 1 or a pair. was thinking a pair of cherry barb but not sure if they'll bother my neons or nip the tails of my guppies.

love the look of the betta, but not sure if it will go in a community, getting mixed advice from different people (lfs, fish books etc.) some people say they are only aggressive to other bettas but other people say they'll attack the neons and guppies.

will a couple of cherry shrimp and a snail live with the frogs?

the emerald catfish doesn't seem too happy on its own, having been told it would be okay. it just sits in one place under a leaf most of the time and runs off if you go near the tank. would the shop take it back or trade it?
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Re: any of these not good additions to my community?

Postby Carylnz » Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:20 pm

I can't help with the frogs or shrimps as they are illegal in my country so I have no experience.
By consistently low levels, I hope you mean 0 for ammonia. Nitrates aren't as much of a problem as they are less toxic than nitrites. My nitrates are always high because it is high out of the tap.
The emerald catfish is a shoaling species and much happier in groups of 3 or more. They prefer a darker, shallow tank, with lots of plants and plenty of hiding places. Does yours hang out with the pandas?
Cherry barbs are a lovely fish and don't nip anything. Not particularly a top dweller though. I would have thought the guppies would spend a lot of time at the top.
Whether a Betta would cope can vary from fish to fish. It might have a go at the guppies, as they have similar tails.
Some shops will take back fish or swap them. Depends on their policies. You can ask.
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Re: any of these not good additions to my community?

Postby hannibal1987 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:24 pm

thanks carylnz.

I find it hard to read the ammonia levels with these test kits, but as best as I can tell, it's either at 0 or very close.

The emerald just stays under one leaf in the corner of the tank, ive never even seen it feed, though ive had it for around 3 months and it seems healthy so it must be eating. woke up in the night once and noticed it swimming about in the dark. it doesnt go near the pandas, no. may get a couple of small plants and spread them around the tank. all of my plants are artificial, have one thats like a plant and a few others that are more like grass, the emerald hides under the plant one, but doesn't go near the grass ones.

the guppies only hang at the top of the tank at night, didnt have any floating plants until recently, only just found a small amount artificial duckweed, and could do with some more but the place I got it from sold out. haven't been able to find anymore, real or artificial. been looking for some artificial lily pads or something, but nobody seems to sell them.
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