Hood and Lighting

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Hood and Lighting

Postby Gary fergusson » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:32 am

Hi. I currently have a 48x12x15 tank with a hood that will only hold a single tube. The whole set-up was bought second hand and the hood was already a bit worse for wear, and me chopping into it to install the external filter has just about finished it off. Ive been looking for a new hood that will hold a couple of tubes as I want to start adding a few more plants to the tank as I only have a couple in there at the moment and I read that a tank my size a single tube may be insufficient for healthy plant growth. So my questions to anyone who can help are -
1. Do I really need a 2 tube hood or are there lights on the market suitable for my needs?
2. If I do need a 2 tube hood, any ideas on where I can get one? Just seen 1 on eBay at the moment.
3. Also when I do acquire a new hood I'm a little worried about cutting into again for the external filter, so any advise there would be appreciated!

Thanks for any help
Gary fergusson
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