frogs, shrimp, snails.

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frogs, shrimp, snails.

Postby hannibal1987 » Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:17 pm

when adding these to a community, how do they affect your stocking numbers. added 2 cherry red shrimps and a snail (think its an apple snail, i did look on the glass, but then forgot as soon as i'd got home) to my community today. want to add 2 african dwarf frogs when my lfs eventually gets them in stock (will they eat my shrimp, or leave them alone?), ive read that the frogs are generally cleaner than fish. love the little shrimp running around the tank, would like to add a few more, but not sure how they affect the stocking levels of a tank, I know they actually contribute to cleaning the tank.
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