How many fish??

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How many fish??

Postby joblag » Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:04 pm

First of all, let me say a big thank you for everyone's help back in the summer when we were struggling with cycling etc. Your advice has led to us really enjoying our new tank.
However, we are now baffled re how many fish we can keep. At the moment we have the following:
5 neon tetras - approx 1"
4 angel fish - each approx 3"
2 clown fish - 3" and 4"
3 platys - approx 2" each
1 silver shark - 4" (his mate leapt out of the tank and wasnt noticed quickly enough to save him, it was a tragedy!!)
Our tank is 125L

I have read various things about calculations but frankly, am baffled. Do you take the size of fish now, or what it will be when fully grown?
Any and all advice will be gratefully accepted plus any suggestions as to what (if any) fish we should get next.

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Re: How many fish??

Postby englishmx » Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:49 pm

joblag wrote:1 silver shark - 4" (his mate leapt out of the tank and wasnt noticed quickly enough to save him, it was a tragedy!!)
Our tank is 125L

Re-home the other asap before he does the same! 125L is no home for Silver Sharks, way too small
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Re: How many fish??

Postby Carylnz » Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:22 pm

and, if by clownfish you mean clown loaches, they need re-homing as well.
Stocking is affected by many factors, the main ones being the dimensions of the tank (a low wide tank can hold more than a tall narrow tank as it is water surface area, not volume, that is more important), filtration, species, and tank maintenance.
Stocking is worked out by adult length, not what the fish are now.
Rehome the clowns and shark as they will grow too large for a 125L.
Angels often become very territorial, especially if they pair up, so you might be limited in what you can add because of them. Once they are bigger, they will probably also eat the neons.
If you want to keep the angels then I suggest you stick to mid sized fish that can move out of their way (ie short finned species) like various barbs, rasboras, tetras or, if you like the live bearers, more platys. Perhaps the angels plus a dozen harlequins or something a similar size. Personally I think a tank looks better with 1 or 2 species of schooling fish than 2 of this and 3 of that etc.
Hopefully the platys are all the same sex or 1 male and 2 females. You must always have a sex ratio of way more females than males or the females will die, or be killed.
There are a number of rainbows that would go well in there too - dwarf neon rainbows would be one. I don't know what you have available over there.
What do you want the tank to look like? One or two larger fish or lots of smaller ones?
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