Help with stocking? plus question on cory

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Help with stocking? plus question on cory

Postby AshleysAquarium » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:57 am

Hello all, just joined up to The Tropical Tank and was looking for some guidance on my 34 Gallon tropical aquarium which I have slowly been adding to. Its been established about 7 months now, lost a couple of platys along the way due to swimbladder. Also lost 2 guppys, realise now i should of started off tank cycling with a hardy fish like a danio rather than guppys. Anyway the rest of the fish seem very happy and active now and have been doing 10-20% water changes / gravel cleaning weekly. My first question though is wether i could have any potential problems with my choice of fish, i think I may have been trying to get a range of too many species rather than concentrating on shoals. The fish seem very happy at the moment and are all generally peaceful in temperment, but can you see any negatives to my choice of stock or could my tank be overstocked (tank is 34 Gallon). I currently have:

7x Platys, various colours + 4 baby fry which have been born in the tank
4x Cobra guppys
2x Swordtails, both males
2x Cardinal Tetra
2x Glowlight Tetra
2x Black Widow Tetra
1x Congo Tetra
4x Corys, 1 Bronze/1 Albino/ 2 Peppered
1x Common Plec, i know these do get big and will get larger tank when time comes
1x Pakistani Loach

Also just a question on my bronze cory. Hes been in longer than the others but seems to now have a pinkish/reddy tinge to his underbelly and where his fins join the body. Compared to the others he never stops scavenging for food and is always active. He doesnt look like other bronze corys I have seen, he seems alot darker on top, more brown than anything. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any responses, Ash
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Re: Help with stocking? plus question on cory

Postby Carylnz » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:37 pm

What dimensions are the tank? I am assuming it is probably a 3ft? If so, I wouldn't add any more, especially as the live bearers are reproducing, as they do!
I hope you realise the swords will cross with the platies.
Are the guppies all male? They need to be, or have a ratio of 1 male to 2 or 3+ females.
You are right about it looking better if you had bigger numbers of fewer species as the tetras are all shoaling fish and prefer to be in numbers of 6 or more. The congo especially should be in a group of at least 5 and in a bigger tank as a result but you did say you were getting a bigger tank for the plec. This will need to be soon as they grow very quickly. Also, you will not have a beautifully landscaped aquarium for long as they accidentally destroy things as they move. They are also major poo machines so you have to do more maintenance.
The fish you have are all compatible but I would consider swapping some for more of others, so you have fewer species and more of each, and getting rid of the plec. It will look out of place among all the smaller fish and cause problems, as mentioned above, as it grows and grows.
I would suggest either having all live bearers or all egg layers too. No particular reason, just a preference of my own :wink:
The loach is also better in a group with low lighting and lots of hiding places. They also like digging so make sure your substrate is not too sharp or it will wear away their barbels. Same goes for the corys although they don't dig so much as snuffle through the substrate.
Your bronze cory may have a bacterial infection, either intrenal or external, or may have damaged itself on something. It shows up on the pale coloured fish more so is more noticeable. If it is still behaving normally and eating well I would do nothing except keep the water parameters as good as you can (your regime sounds good) and keep an eye on it worsening.
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Re: Help with stocking? plus question on cory

Postby ady » Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:36 pm

i agree with the plec,wrecking ya tank.....they do lay alot of cables and are messy old common would flick his tail and move decor easily....even the gravel was disturbed and fired at the tank front with 1 flick of it's tail.

the shoaling species will be alot happier in bigger numbers as said above.

personally i'd loose the plec and replace it with a bristlenose.they still keep the algae down,but grow a lot less in size.i got 2 juveniles too replace my big common pleco.they dont just need algae,they relish cucumber/courgette once a week.remove this after 24-36 hours to prevent water quality issues.dont leave it in to breakdown.i also use algae tabs as a suppliment for em.

as that plec grows your cleaning regime will increase,including filter maintenance,due to their waste.

good luck

and welcome to TTT :)
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