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New to the site

Postby LexxiJB » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:01 am

Just stopping by to say hello.

Restatrting my 4' tank, its about 165l

Ashamed to say its a swampy gloopy mess at the mo :oops:

I got it about 6 years ago, it was gorgeous! I'd planted it and nutured it, and all was good. Then we moved... the tank didn't survive :cry: It hung on for a while, and i tried to save it, it was like full on ER in our living room. Eventually i admitted defeat and emptied it and saw my a&^e somewhat and it sat there gathering dust.

My other half started it up again and i refused to have anything to do with it, still smarting from my loss almost a year previous!

He filled it with gravel, and roman pillar type ornaments :angry: so i continued my sulk (grown up me!)

Anyway he filled it with Neons and Danios.... and then sharks and a knifefish!!!! Needless to say it only has one inhabitant left, and some serious algae. And its light has been broken for the last 12 months! Its dire.

But he has admitted defeat and turned it back to me :D

So this weekend its being stripped right back. Nothing to remain of its roman life, its algae or broken lights.

I dont think i'll be planting it this time, but we'll see, i may change my mind. All i'm doing at first is stripping, cleaning and starting again with nothing. I'll be using sand as my substrate, got some stones, slate and wood and i'll see where it takes me from there. In all honesty i dont see me putting any fish in for a few weeks, not til i'm happy with the way it looks.

Actually looking forward to this restart, now i'm over my loss :lol:
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Re: New to the site

Postby ady » Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:49 pm

welcome to TTT :)
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Re: New to the site

Postby Davy Jones » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:19 pm

Welcome to the forum! I love the setting up stage, make sure you post some pics up :wink:
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Re: New to the site

Postby Carylnz » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:50 am

Less algae problems in a planted tank usually as they compete for food.
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Re: New to the site

Postby markee » Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:15 am

Welcome aboard :wink:
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Re: New to the site

Postby pandacory » Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:51 am

Hi and welcome Lexi.
If you do a sand substrate and go for the beach type sand not coral sand, buy childrens play pit sand from b&q or some other builders merchant. It's a lot cheaper than the aquatic shops. I just set up my tank using it. £4.49 for 25 kilo against £6.00 for 5 kilo.

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