All dying. but 1......

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All dying. but 1......

Postby fat boi » Fri May 22, 2015 10:12 pm

Hi. I have a 65ltr tank. Non fish cycled for about 3 weeks. Added 6 neons. Then a week later added 6 guppies.all going well till tuesday. Then 2 neons died over night. Removed from tank asap. Inspected fish. No white spot or fin rot. Took water sample to aquatic centre. Water levels ok. Except nitrates towards the upper end of safe. 10% water changes. Now over the next 30 hours I lost another 5 neons and 5 guppies. Again. No evidence of white spot. (Took fish to equatics who confirmed this). The tank has a stingray filter. Air bubbles. Heater correct temp set. Non live plants.

Ok so the equatics centre said it is strange for them all to keep dying for no reason they can think of. They were sure it was a water issue.
I have my one lasting guppy in a hospital tank. With 50% original tank water and 50% new water And just a filter. And heater nothing else in it. Tank is only 10 ltr max.

Any help would be great

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Re: All dying. but 1......

Postby Rob W » Mon May 25, 2015 6:52 pm

Twelve fish within a week is too much of a waste load to add to a small tank that has only just cycled. Your ammonia levels spiked resulting in the high nitrate levels, unfortunately the ammonia spike did some harm before the filter could adapt. Add fish in two's or three's and leave at least two weeks between adding more so that the filter adapts gradually and waste levels remain stable.
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Re: All dying. but 1......

Postby Rockfish » Fri May 29, 2015 9:37 pm

It's difficult to say whether water quality has played a part. The aquatic shop have said levels were "ok" but it depends what they tested and it's difficult to interpret if they didn't give you any actual numbers. You said you did non-fish cycling for 3 weeks, but the method used and whether you did any testing during that period might shed light on what went wrong.

Guppies have been notorious in recent years for introducing problems into tanks, so it might not be coincidence that fish started to die shortly after adding them. They may have been carrying something the neons had no resistance to, and once the infection starts to take hold the number of disease organisms increases and the original fish succumb too, especially if additional disease organisms co-infect fish weakened from the original infection.

As you've unfortunately lost almost all the fish, all you can really do is start again, but I would avoid more guppies just in case they were the issue and new ones might re-introduce or pick up the same infection.

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