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I Am A Fish Owner & New To This Board

Postby rlrshepherdstown » Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:37 am

Hello Everyone , :)

I just joined this board today ,and I have been an owner of 30 gallon fish tank for along time and I just got rid of my gold fish due to being messy fish .
I had guppies before and I do want to go back with them & other liverbearing fishes . I am wondering is it okay to mixed all liverbearers such as guppies , swordtails , platies & mollies together ?
I had mollies before but , I had seen this before , such they would wiggle back & forth and they would die sooner or later . What should I do to prevent that problem from happening in the first place ? Although , I have seen other livebearers do that too , but not as much as mollies do .
I think mollies are the prettiest of all livebearers and I had males harrass the females to death before . I am planning to get some soon and my local Petco in hometown have a lot of those fishes . I hope that some of you all here will give some advise before go out & purchase my fish . Right now the fish I have now are just corydora catfishes & 2 algae eaters . I just cleaned out my fish tank last week & I checked the water . The ammonia is way down . I think that I am ready now for my tankmates . Is there Any liverbearers lovers here who would like to share with me their experiences with them ?
:wink: Thank You All For Let Me be apart of this board !
Rachel L. Renaud
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