Brand new tank set-up

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Brand new tank set-up

Postby Bob Loblaw » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:29 pm


This is my first post on the site so I hope it's not too presumptious to barge in and start asking what are almost certainly going to be stupid questions.

Anyway, I was recently given an aquarium starter kit for my birthday (which was a very pleasant surprise) and now I need some help in deciding how to set it up. The gear consists of:

Fluval Roma 125L/27.5Gal tank (80x35x45)
Fluval 3 plus internal filter
150w Tronic heater
2x 20w light tubes (PowerGlo & AquaGlo)

What I need to know is how to transform these component parts into a glittering whole - and that's where you come in. I'm aware of the need to cycle the tank before I add any organisms to it and I also know about the maintenance-type things that I'm going to have to do. My intention, at least to begin with, is to have a tropical freshwater aquarium and perhaps move on to marine in a few years - but let's not get carried away just now.

Things I don't know about are:

Substrate depth.

Live or artificial plants?

Tank decoration.

Species compatibility.

Feasibility/desirability of keeping crustaceans with fish.

And no doubt a whole host of other things that will crop up as the true depths of my ignorance are plumbed.

I look forward to reading your replies.
Bob Loblaw
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Postby David » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:54 pm

Hi Bob,

Well I'm glad you've done your research before setting the tank. :)

I hope i can answer your questions satisfactory. :)

Substrate depth - I tend to have it about 2-3cm.

Live or artificial plants? - It's really up to you, live looks alot better IMO (In my opinion) but take alot more care, plastic and silks are easier. Live plants can be better for the fish though, they soak up nitrate as food which can be dangerous to fish in large quantity's.

Tank decoration. - I prefer to go rocks and bogwood as they look better IMO and are more natural than ornaments like skulls and ships. But again, it's down to personal preference.

Species compatibility. - Where do i start? Lol. There are thousands of fish out there making it impossible to answer this question without knowing what sort of fish you are looking for. Have a quick look through this to get a taste of the selection of fish available to the trade -

Feasibility/desirability of keeping crustaceans with fish - There are quite a few shrimp available, look up cherry shrimp and amano shrimp, these are the most common. Crabs are also available but should not be trusted with smaller fish. Shrimp act as a good clean up crew but catfish and loaches will do just the same and give more life to the aquarium swimming around etc.

Have a good read through some of the post in the beginners section. :)


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Postby chaoz » Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:28 pm

well welcome

first of all theres no such thing as a stupid question ask away we all had to learn from somewhere just alot easier thesedays from when i started out.

substrate have you chose what your having sand or gravel?
gravel gets dirtier than sand bothe easy to clean with a bit of practice.

if your a beginer id advise you to start with plastic plants till you get the hang of things,then progess slowly as you pick things up.

decoration theres literally loads out there so down to personal choice,just becarefull on what rocks you add,if you pour a bit of vinegar on them and they "fizz" dont dd them.

compatability again down to personal advise start off with a few hardy fish such as danios till you get in the swing of doin regualr water checks,changes etc .with them being hardy if you do make mistakes they more than likely would survive.

the best advice i can say is have plenty of patience!!
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Postby JoJoJo » Tue Sep 25, 2007 5:37 am

I think the first thing to do: clean the tank with salty water throughly, to kill germs. If you use gravel to be substrate, you need to clean them before starting up the cycling process.

You probably have to consider what types of fishes that you want to keep because some fishes eat real plants (depends the types of plants).
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