Whitespot then Dropsy in two days?

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Whitespot then Dropsy in two days?

Postby Silk » Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:24 am

Not sure if there might be some underlying cause for me getting 2-3 ''illness''' in my tank within the space of a week, its my fathers rather than mine, but i'm keeping the same maintenence on it as i do on my own, all the chemical levels seem right, or at least no different from the last two months the tanks been stocked, the filters are changed every other week when they get really dirty (it has a pair of Marina slim filter 520s that i alternate in changing to keep some good bacteria in).

but this last week just seems like all the fish have some condition or other, i lost a blue dwarf gourami to what i think was that brown spot parasite (looked like it without the hair things on the spot, but it died before the treatment i bought could take effect i think. :(), then a few days later my last guppy in the tank went belly up without any signs or explaination, then one of the two Silver Dollars got whitespot, now most of my remaining gourami have dropsy or bloating (i hope dropsy is the right name!, bloated bellies with scales sticking out, i ruled out overfeeding as, well i'm fairly sure i'm not given how stocked the tank is.)

my bigger concern is even though i've got most of the meds to hand thankfully, or plenty of LFS to get them from, what am i going to get next, will i even see it coming? and more importantly whats causing the sudden bout of illness' in what was a perfectly happy tank previously :( any help is welcome on this one.
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