guppy aborting fry

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guppy aborting fry

Postby jennifer o » Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:59 pm

my guppy now for the past 3 months has been aborting fry.

the first month i got well excited as i saw lots of eggs drop from her but then thought 'hang on a minute, shes a livebearer'so i googled this and apparently they are aborted fry.

2nd month, i thought yay, as she was showing the signs of giving birth again but nope, again more egg shaped things, but this time, she ate them as soon as they all fell lol.

3rd time, today shes dropped more eggs shaped things and eating them again :( why does she keep aborting ?

ive tested the water each time this has haoppened and all has been fine, any advice appreciated .....

i have a platy that been pregnant for about 2 months in with her, well i think she is, has a black gravid spot, very fat, but she still hasnt dropped anything, isnt this too long a period of time?

thanks jen
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