cory barbel issues

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cory barbel issues

Postby jennifer o » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:18 pm

hi there.

ive got 5 corys, 3 albino and 2 panda.

a year ago i started my first tank which had the larger white gravel in.

my 3 albino corys barbels wore down an tehy are left with little stumps. they are otheriwse halthy and eating fine.

i moved them to my 200 l tank about 6 months ago, which has small finer gravel.

i purchased 3 panda corys, who are still very tiny however one died last week and the other two have also lost their barbels.

one of them has stumps like the others but the other has none at all, his face is very round. hes fine and eating, making sure i put food on the bottom for them as i think the one thatt died couldnt get the food before the other fish.

can cories live fine like this ?

water parameters are fine, test them regularly
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still learning
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Re: cory barbel issues

Postby Rob W » Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:51 pm

The barbules are for helping the fish to find food, not to actually eat it so as long as there is sufficient food for them they will be fine. Feed them in the same place and feed them during lighting up time so they know where to eat and can find it. I always use flakes to lure the other fish away so the pellets have time to sink before being eaten by the midwater and surface fish. It's best to feed them at night and have a sandy substrate as this is what they do naturally, use the barbules to sift through the sand looking for food, but you don't have that so adapt the routine for them and they will adapt as well.
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