Blue Rams Spawning, Fungus on eggs :(

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Blue Rams Spawning, Fungus on eggs :(

Postby FishDevil789 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:08 pm

Ive had my two Blue Rams for about four months in a 90l tank. Yesterday i noticed the rams were fighting, being agressive and the female was swollen and her belly has increased in redness. I was excited because this could mean they were breeding but i tried not to get my hopes up. Id went into my lfs three days ago and i bought four Oto catfish along with a load of bushy plants and some java fern. Maybe a day or so after i added the Otos i was replanting one of the plants i bought and the two blue rams were picking at my hand and nibbiling at my nail polish like they were garra rufa's or something! A few hours later i noticed eggs on a huge centre piece rock, my blue rams had finally spawned!
I saw the blue rams gaurding the eggs and taking turns in flapping fresh water over them. The Oto's honestly couldnt care less about the eggs so far, i saw one swim onto the rock, but the male just ignored him, then it swam away again. As the Otos are recently added im sure it would be too stressful to move them to another tank, as i know fish eggs are a delicacy to catfish :L
Later that evening i noticed the rams laying more eggs on the same rock and picking at another rock, i assumed they were cleaning/preparing the rock to lay more eggs, and i was right! At a rock placed about two inches away from the other one they had layed another batch of eggs and i got to watch the heartwarming display of fish laying eggs, really the cherry on top of fishkeeping. This morning i noticed most of the eggs on the larger rock have turned white, but the second batch hasnt (touchwood). Ive looked in the lfs and at the pets at home and they do not sell methylene blue :( is there any other household alternative i can use? and is it too late to save the other batch of eggs?
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