Help needed for feeding Baby Betta's

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Help needed for feeding Baby Betta's

Postby johanna13 » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:33 am

My female Beta gave birth to six fry , but only 3 survived.
Today is day 55 that I was aware that there were baby fry... out of the 6 born 3 made it so far...
The one Betta is 5x bigger then his siblings, ( dont know why because the they were born on the same day).
Today I took them out of the small plastic tank I had them in and put them in there new home for now.
They love there new home !!!!!!
My issue is how do I get them to start eating Betta food? I really dont want to dirty up this tank with all the food I put in there plastic one they were in that was easy to clean daily.
They are now in a cycled 29 gal tank with no other fish, and this tank would be imposable for me to clean daily as I did in the small plastic one.

Today the big blue Betta started to build a bubble nest??? Isn't that way to young for him to be thinking like that? lol
Can anyone here advise me how to get them to start eating Betta food? there almost 2 months old but two are very tiny...
Or are they still to young and need to stay on the micro worms and BBS ? how can I switch them over to Betta food?
I'm going away on the 16th of this month and no one can care for them the way I do while I'm gone.. so I need to get them to eat Betta food..... HELP !!!!Please!!

I would post a short video of them and there size but I dont know how to post that here..

EDIT: I'm sorry I didn't realize there was a Betta forum so I reposed there....
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Re: Help needed for feeding Baby Betta's

Postby Carylnz » Mon Aug 06, 2012 3:48 am

Please respond in the other thread so answers don't get spread over 2 threads.
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