Red Claw Crab Dilema

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Red Claw Crab Dilema

Postby Silk » Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:38 am

Hey folks, its been a while since i posted here, (I take that as a sign i've got a better idea what i'm about! :D) anyway, i've got a small dilema i was hoping you could help with if any of you have any knowledge of these little beasties.

Anyway i've had my little crab for a couple of months now, i've no idea how to define its gender, and i've no idea if its relevent. Its shed its skin twice already, and after the near-heartattack i had over the first one, i'd come to understand it a little bit better on the second one. But last night, it shed again only for some reason i think something went wrong, or at least i'm guessing it did. I've never actually watched the whole thing happen, so i don't know how long it takes, what sort of recovery is needed ect, but i did notice it was doing its dance in the wee small hours of this morning. (In this case, it was around 3-4am uk time, normally its started to molt by 9pm when the lights go off.)

Anyway, when i got back to the tank at 9am there was an old shell left there for me as usual, a pale, eyeless wobbly thing like always, and the crab was at the front of the tank sporting his new suit, but for the last 2 hours he's not moved, or flinched even when i fished out the old skin, and on closer inspection the crab, not the old skin, still has its little belly flap thing down, (Included a picture) which i've never seen before, and i'm hoping it doesn't mean something has gone wrong :S i also know that normally, once they molt, they hide for a day or so, to harden, but he's out smack front and center of the tank, (Also another pic included.) would really appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer, i mean how long should i leave it incase its still adjusting?, as you can see from the photo the crab is in there, its eyes are there. but i can't see any movement from its breathing things, its mouth isn't moving and its completly unresponsive still.

Crab Close up
Tank position
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