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juwel lighting

Postby scottb » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:43 am

hi all,im having probs with my rio 180 lighting unit,it has been a bit temperamental recently but stopped working altogether so i put 2 new bulbs in and it worked ok then started acting up again(iv had the bulbs checked and they are fine iv also removed the on/off switch as iv heard they can cause probs and as its on a timer i dont really need it)iv noticed the the tank lid has a lot of condensation so i dried it off last nite then put it back on and it worked fine but this morning it stayed on for about a minute then went off again :angry: could it b condensation thats causing this? the tank temp is 75 ° and room temp about 65° iv got rio 240 set up the same that has very little condensation,the only difference is it has t8 lighting not t5 like the 180 any thoughts greatly appreciated
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