Rosy Barbs suddenly very ill!

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Rosy Barbs suddenly very ill!

Postby nicj77 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:39 pm ... hoto-3.jpg ... hoto-4.jpg
Ammonia- 0.25
Nitrate- 50
Temp- 24
Tank 47 ltrs with internal filter.
Plants- Java fern, Amazon Sword, Boccia?(forgotten the name of this last plant)
Water change 20% weekly (last change yesterday) Use API Stress Coat to condition water.
Food- TetraPro colour and occasional daphnia/bloodworm

Three rosy barbs 1.5" long added three months ago (not intended as permanent residents, cycled the tank and were due to be rehomed to my larger temperate tank at work in the next couple of weeks)
Six harlequin rasbora added 4 weeks ago (all seem to be fine at the moment).

Came home last night to find three very unhappy rosy barbs. Ammonia was 0.5 immediately did a 30% water change and dosed with 3ml Myxazin.

This morning it was like it never happened, all white gone and fish happy. Gave a second 3ml dose of Myxazin. By the afternoon they were ill again and these photos were taken about 30 minutes ago.

Any advice very much appreciated!

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Re: Rosy Barbs suddenly very ill!

Postby Carylnz » Thu Aug 16, 2012 7:58 am

Looks like they are over-producing their slime coat as a result of toxins (eg ammonia) Keep doing 30% water changes until the ammonia reads 0.
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Re: Rosy Barbs suddenly very ill!

Postby nicj77 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:17 am

Thanks, I know ammonia is very dangerous but I hoped it would be something like that instead of some kind of bacterial/parasitic problem. I'll keep on with the water changes.
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Re: Rosy Barbs suddenly very ill!

Postby nicj77 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:33 pm

Well it's mixed news I'm afraid.

The good:
They rosys have survived thanks to being able to move to my temperate tank at work (it's a sad state of affairs when the school tank mid holidays has a better water chemistry than your home tank!). Two of them are really thriving in there with more space and other fast fish to zoom around with (although I'm sure there must have been some life shortening damage done to them by the ammonia).

The not so good:
The weaker one of the three rosys ain't doing so great, he's been harassed to near exhaustion by the buenos aires tetras and they have had a real go at his fins. I've isolated him and fingers crossed he'll get through it.

The very bad:
I did two massive water changes yesterday (with conditioner, temperature match and teeny tiny dose of prime) but the harlequins died last last night while ammonia was still sitting at somewhere between 0-0.25. The only cold comfort is that the power company came round this morning announcing the power will be off for 6 hours today. Even if they had survived the night not sure they would have survived 6 hours today with no filter, heater and no warm water for water changes.

So sad when animals in your care are ill or die :o(

So, now some work to be done sorting out the home tank.

Thanks for advice :o)
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