Ill Mossy Tiger Barb?

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Ill Mossy Tiger Barb?

Postby Darrel » Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:57 pm

I recently lost a Blue Tetra to what appeared to be a swim bladder problem, two or three days trying to keep it's balance and then found dead and partially eaten, I tried feeding it shelled peas but nothing I'm afraid, days later I noticed that my smallest Mossy Tiger Barb was gulping a hell of alot more than his tank mates (not at the surface), spending more time away from the rest of the shaol in a corner of the tank and he hasn't eaten for the last two days, which is very unusual for any of them, the only noticable differences are his colour which is alot darker than normal, his gills appear to be swollen and he does seem to be listing slightly, everyone else in the tank is fine, can anybody offer any advice please?


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