Possible white spot?

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Possible white spot?

Postby rossandnik » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:10 am

Hi all,

I'm new here and desperately need some help. I am after some advice please on a possible outbreak of white spot? We have a Jewel rio 180 tank, all well, no problems, levels great. Last week we had 2 golden rams added to the tank and everything was fine until Sunday.

Changed the filters, top 3 in the basket (sorry I sound stupid, this is not my thing, hubby and little boys tank but he's at work so thought I'd try and get some advice for him) also did the usual weekly water change.

Then one of the golden rams started turning really pale and almost pearly see-through. Within a few hours it was dead. Tested the water, levels were as follows Ammonia 0.25, Nitrite 0.25, Nitrate 5.0, and PH 7.6 Thought this was really bad so contacted our lfs who said that because the filters had just been changed, the readings may not be accurate and add some tap safe and test it again in 4 days.

Did as was instructed and then late last night one of the silver sharks was swimming uspide down and just really not doing much, kind of floating upside down. Came down this morning and it was dead along with a platy that had been perfectly fine last night.

I have noticed this morning that the other golden ram and the silver sharks have got what looks like tiny white spots on them. (the ram on the fins and the sharks on their sides) not many but enough to think hold on a minute. The problem with the ram is that it is spotty anyway but I'm pretty sure that it didn't have this the other day and the sharks look like there is just a dot or 2 when it catches the light in a certain place? I can't see much on the platties but they are dark and swim too fast to really see them, but think i saw some little dots on one of their tails which is not so coloured.

I am really confused now and am unsure what is going on? Could this be white spot killing them, or the levels, or could they be linked to each other?

Like I said the tank has been running fine so I can only assume that the golden ram had white spot when it arrived last week and we hadn't noticed?

Any advice here would be fantastic, sorry for the long winded post but I really don't know much about this so trying to give you all as much info as I can.

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Re: Possible white spot?

Postby ady » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:10 pm

water quality issues can trigger an out break i believe....

i take it the rams didnt have any signs when you brought them.or you wouldnt have bought em...the may have been the carrier.not sure of the incubation period tho :?
hopefully someone more gen'd up on the w/spot will be able to answer more in depth.never had it in my tanks thankfully.

with figure like that for your water i would do another water change anyway. how much do you normally remove ?..what other fish do you have in the tank ?....mite help us gain an insight,also some fish are less able to tolerate the treatments added..clown loach for example.
how are the fish looking now?...is the amount of spots growing ?...

i know you can get treatments for whitespot but i wouldnt be the best to say which to use...hope someone can help soon,good luck :)
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