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Hi all!
Been lurking on here for a while and have used the sites extensive articles and so on to get my tank up and running. I have an Aqua one AR620 tank with 6 lemon tetras, 5 harlequins, 2 dwarf gouramis and 2 white cloud mountain minnows. I also have 1 solitary snail that was originally a pair about 4 months ago until one died. They were in my daughter's little 18l tank with the white clouds. We moved the one remaining snail and minnows over to the big tank. I thought the one remaining one was fine, but on doing a water and gravel clean today have found and removed about 6 baby snails (I assume, they look like snails :roll: ) about the size of a salt flake.
I havent added any live plants at all only fake, only the 2 dwarf gouramis are recent additions from about 2 weeks ago. I will post a pic later when I get a sec of the snail and what Ive found since.
What I want to know is can these buggers (snails) lay eggs without a mate for so long, how many can I expect and at what age are the young likely to start breeding? Just need to lay out some kinda plan. And should I get rid of the original one?
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