Panda Garra

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Panda Garra

Postby sammy2012 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:14 pm

hi everyone
i have a live planted tank with 8 guppys 4 zebra dainios 4 diamo head tetras 2 sword tails (1 male 1 female) 2 angel fish a male beta 5 peppered corydoras and a leppard sail fin plec i bought my panda garra 2 months ago and everything was fine i got in from work this morning and noticed its color had faded and it was laying on its side so i put it on its belly (like its ment to be) and within 5 mins it stopped breating and started shaking what looked like a fit... could anybody tell me why this happened over night
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Re: Panda Garra

Postby Rob W » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:34 pm

Bit more info required. How big is the tank, how long has it been running etc etc? Just googled panda garra as I'm not familiar with it, it needs well oxygenated water and with a high stocking level like yours it may be an issue but then again if the tank is huge and the filtration efficient then it could be anything, hard to say without knowing all the info unfortunately.
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Re: Panda Garra

Postby Carylnz » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:52 pm

What sized tank and how long has it been set up? Panda garra need clean, well oxygenated water and a mature, stable set-up.
These fish need to be in a 90 x 30cm minimum tank with fast flowing water. Extra filtration (20x per hour is suggested) with airstones and powerheads is recommended to get the oxygen levels up. This does not fit with conditions required for Bettas and guppies.
A tight lid is also required as these fish can actually climb!
They are best in groups as a single fish can become aggressive.
It is also suggested you have bright light to allow a biofilm to grow, on which the fish can feed.
I think you do not have enough oxygen going through for this species.

Also, swordtails should not be kept in pairs. You either need a single sex, or a ratio of 1m - 2+ females. Same goes for the guppies. Always have way more females than males or males only.
Considering the fish you already have, I hope they are in a 250+L.
The angels alone will need a 90cm+ (120L) but the Betta prefers smaller tanks.
The sailfin plec will need up to 450L as they grow 50cm. They are also known to attach themselves to the sides of fish like angels, and suck off the protective slime coat.

You will find a very helpful information sheet on Panda garra here
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Re: Panda Garra

Postby markee » Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:02 pm

My Panda is coming up to 3 years old & it's colours are still as vibrant now as the day i bought it. About a year after i bought it, i bought 2 more for company (from a different lfs), they were slightly bigger & not as colourful. A couple of weeks later they had both died, there was no change in my water conditions & no signs of a reason why they had died, all i could put it down to was weak stock from the lfs. My Panda has survived a heck of a lot in it's life, it started out living with my Blockheads but when they started spawning it took a battering (losing it's tail & most of it's top fin). I quickly took it out of that tank & put it in with my mbuna, where it recovered & grew it's fin & tail back, because it was happy i left it in there, i've since rescaped my tank & it's new tank mates are Frontosa, it's still happy, never shy's away & is always the first out for food lol.

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